Tracing its inception in the Tech Sector, JDStore Group has grown exponentially into various other sectors including Fashion, Outsourcing, and Music. With an increasing growth speed based on a solid corporate infrastructure, JDStore Group is geared towards further expansion in the future.

Business Sectors - Fashion


JDStore Fashion was founded with the vision of creating a global fashion store offering the latest fashion products in vogue. Built on the latest technology, our passion and dedication drove us to be constantly ahead of the latest fashion trends.


JDStore Tech was founded with the vision of creating a global Tech Store offering the latest tech products. In partnership with leading brands across the globe, JDStore Tech offers a wide range of Software, Hardware, PC Accessories, Cartridges, and UV Sterilizers to cover everyone’s needs.

Business Sectors - Tech
Business Sectors - Outsourcing


JDStore Outsourcing was created with the aim of providing highly skilled professionals to help businesses develop and grow by accessing a pool of services at competitive rates. Backed by a team of high-calibre staff, we assist you with the skills and professionalism you deserve for the assignment.

Fashion Partners

JDStore Fashion Partners is a global fashion dropshipping program developed by JDStore Fashion. It aims at providing merchants around the globe with the right products to maximize their sales whilst enjoying all the benefits of a streamlined operation.

Business Sectors - Fashion Partners
Business Sectors - Entertainment


Rich with hard-hitting and driving original tunes, JDStore Music aims at creating a global space for music lovers where they can enjoy all types of music styles and genres that will bring a peculiar experience to everyone, whatever their origin and passion.