JDStore Group is an international conglomerate operating in several business sectors across the globe. Tracing its inception to the Tech Sector, JDStore Group has grown exponentially into various other sectors including Fashion, Outsourcing, and Music.

With activities across the world, JDStore Group was founded with the vision of creating a unique dimension of business focused on the global accessibility of quality products and services to more people. While the head office based in Mauritius, the company has gradually expanded its presence into several other countries like the USA, UK, and India to ensure more personalized services to its customers.

While the corporate website of JDStore Group is accessible on www.jdstoregroup.com, the different brands of JDStore Group can be accessed on the following links:

JDStore Fashionwww.jdstorefashion.com

JDStore Techwww.jdstoretech.com

JDStore Musicjdst.biz/jdstoremusicchannel

JDStore Outsourcingwww.jdstoreoutsourcing.com

With an increasing growth speed based on a solid corporate infrastructure, JDStore Group is geared towards further expansion in various other sectors over the coming years while ensuring continuous development and innovation in the current brands.