JDStore Group is an international conglomerate operating in several business sectors including Fashion, Tech, Outsourcing, and Music. With activities across the world, JDStore Group was founded with the vision of creating a unique dimension of business focused on the global accessibility of quality products and services to more people.



The journey of JDStore Group started in 2017. Beginning with one desk focused on one sector, JDStore Group has grown exponentially to form the conglomerate it is now, thanks to the passion, dedication and hard work of the team behind it.



Our belief rest in using the latest technology to create and provide unique products and services to individuals and businesses across the world. We are not just about selling, but creating a network which will enable people to access products and services which are unattainable elsewise.

Key Partners

We have partnered with several of the world-leading brands in Software technology to provide our clients with the best products available on the market. We believe that to make the most of an offer, you do not need only the product, but the support that goes with it.

Corporate Governance


JDStore Group is committed to good corporate governance. In addition to compliance with the relevant local and international legislation and rules governing the activities of JDStore Group, adherence to best practices are also encouraged throughout the organisation.

International Presence


We believe that proximity is key to deliver quality services. Over the past years, we have expanded our presence across the globe by opening offices, hiring staffs or representatives to ensure a more personalized approach to our customer. Our expansion has just begun.